“Today, after receiving the final edits from my editor, I am one step closer to my goal [of publishing my novel]. The hardest part of this process has not been writing the novel, but rather finding the right editor, one who could not only make my novel better and more readable, but also help maintain its artistic integrity. I lucked out with Helena Mariposa.“

—Zev Lawson Edwards, author The New Punk

“Having Helena Mariposa interact with one’s manuscript is a revealing experience! Ms. Mariposa enters your world, finds the little holes, and suggests links and solutions that restore flow where it was broken, or brings out the meaning the author was not quite able to convey. Her transparency and respect in touching another’s art words, combined with her enormous inventory of tools, makes her a precious ally in one’s invention!“
—Claudine Jeanrenaud, PhD, author Goddess-Speak, artist
“Helena Mariposa is one of my editors who’s a whiz at editing (and everything else).”
—Marian Head
Helena has been so helpful with my book Leading through Change and with the e-book version of that book. I highly recommend her.
—Carla Schnitker, author of Leading through Change
Excerpts from an author’s e-mails:
Good morning, Helena:
I addressed all of your editorial concerns, which I thought were excellent, and I think The Great Pretender is much stronger. I’m in your debt. Thank you for a super job. The quality of your work is certainly worth waiting for.
Thanks again for your efforts.
Jim Lester, author The Great Pretender and Hoop Crazy

“I just finished looking over Hoop Crazy on my Kindle. I think it looks great. Especially the section breaks and chapter headings. Very professional.

“Finally, let me say how impressed I am with your attention to detail as well as the creative stuff. I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks for your efforts. Let me know if I need to do anything else. Again, thanks so much for the wonderful job you’ve done.”
Jim Lester, PhD, author The Great Pretender andHoop Crazy

Helena did a very professional job in converting my manuscript to an e-book. Her turnaround time was quick, she was knowledgeable in all aspects of the process (such as suggesting that I include a link to my website), and the endnotes and graphics were flawless. My lack of computer sophistication never fazed her, as she patiently explained things to me as needed. But what impressed me the most is that she cared about the final product as if it was her own, painstakingly attending to every detail (and there were much more than I ever imagined) to assure that it was errorless. As a result, the final product was first-rate!
—Anne Gross, PhD, author The Polio Journals
Finalist, 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards
“Helena Mariposa converted a math paper of mine into an ebook format. I was surprised by how comparable to hard copy the complex symbols appeared. Math papers are difficult to format, but thanks to Helena’s math background she knew how it should look and succeeded in creating a great copy of the paper. I would definitely use her services again.”
—William Coulter, retired Mathematics Professor
“Helena Mariposa is an excellent editor. She has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in a writer. It’s not a matter so much of her reworking their manuscript, but rather helping them to shape it to its full potential. She pays attention to the small details, doing close-up editing, while also, perhaps more importantly, always keeping the big picture in mind, and making suggestions that help the author improve the structure of their manuscript.”
—Barbara Rosen, M.Ed.
“Anyone who thinks converting books and written materials to e-books involves nothing more than scanning has not spent much time thinking about it. Helena has. She has conventional formatting down cold, and knocks it out of the park when it comes to footnotes and mathematical equations with esoteric symbols. I would recommend her without hesitation.”
—Alan S. Brown, freelance writer for Scientific American
“I had a complex book to convert to e-book: bulleted and numbered lists, boxed text, superscript, graphics, a complex table of contents, and other formatting features I had been told would not convert well, if at all. My hard copy book was not only beautifully written (if I do say so myself), it was beautifully laid out. I did not want to sacrifice that quality for e-book formatting. Helena Mariposa did what I was told could not be done. She not only converted my book with those formatting features intact—akin to leaping over a Colorado fourteener in a single bound—she added navigational capability that allows my readers to go from section to section, added hyperlinks, and even linked my table of contents, including subsections. Expect the best for your e-book—and that is Helena Mariposa.”
—Melanie Mulhall, Dragonheart
1st place EVVY Award winning author
Living the Dream—A Guidebook for Job Seekers and Career Explorers