About Mariposa Book Transformation Services Team

Helena Mariposa


Helena began her career in mathematics. After seven years of teaching on a college campus, she decided to follow her passion for books. She studied the craft of writing at the CU graduate program, the Iowa writing program, and at Tom Jenk’s seminar, as well as through decades of independent study. Early in her writing career, she won a first place award for a short story from a local literary magazine and another story won honorable mention in Writers Journal. She has published a novel called The Last of Life, which is available on Amazon.com.

During this time, Helena became a proofreader/copyeditor and an editor. She has been working in the literary field for over twenty years. She has also studied computer programming, such as ActionScript, XHTML, and a smattering of C++. She became curious about e-books soon after a friend gifted her with a Kindle and has been creating e-books ever since. She has won two EVVY awards for her work with e-books, and a book she proofread won a first-place EVVY award.

In addition to running Mariposa Book Transformation Services, Helena continues to write while editing, proofreading, copyediting, and e-book coding professionally.


Bill is a retired mathematics and computer science professor. He has been coding e-books for five years and enjoys doing so while listening to Mozart. He does meticulous work and is a pleasure to have on the team.