Mariposa Book Transformation Services

“Real expertise with e-book conversions is as difficult to find as shade in the desert. Helena Mariposa is not just an expert at it, she’s an artist.”
—Melanie Mulhall, Dragonheart, 1st place EVVY Award winning author

“The hardest part of this process has not been writing the novel, but rather finding the right editor, one who could not only make my novel better and more readable, but also help maintain its artistic integrity. I lucked out with Helena Mariposa.”
—Zev Lawson Edwards

The New Punk




First and only EVVY Award given for e-booking in 2012

1st Place EVVY Award

1st Place EVVY Award in e-book category

2015 Evvy Award

1st Place Awards in the Academic/Reference and in the How To category
[Proofread by Helena Mariposa]